My life poems
a collection of short poetic life lyrics
about the emotions Of life

Life poems a collection of short life lyrics for inspiration

We would like to share these life poems written by

They are a mix of this life I have lived and the observations I have made and a change in this way of life - to this life I live. To explain would best be done by taking each statement on its own. This way of life is how your inner state was and this life I live is the step change into a new exciting and more enlightened way forward. Sometimes life change is forced upon us, the life I led before my life change was damaging my inner self and could not continue. I suffered with multiple serious illnesses until I had my life change, these illnesses have now rebated. I am happy, I love life and enjoy the life I live. Everyone should have that opportunity in life. That is what is all about, finding love in your own life and finding love in life. My short poems were written in the middle of this step change and really chronicle the perception change to this life I live.

My Life Poems
Creative Writing Therapy

This type of therapy has become very popular in the last decade.

You certainly don’t need to be a poet or author to get the most from it and is a highly accessible and usable tool. The idea is to write, anything you like for six minutes or more, if you are suffering with a busy mind you can just do a brain dump, write everything and anything in your head. Once its all-out sit back and try to relax into what you have written, relaxation from stress can be as simple as that.If it works for you then focus on anything, literally anything and write about it, no one ever has to see it, my short poems and life lyrics mean an awful lot to me, some of that impact will be lost on an audience due to not having the emotional attachment that I have with them. However sharing if feeling secure and safe can have a big impact. Sitting in a small group taking turns to read your words can become very liberating and confidence building. I chose to share these short poems and I was surprised at how people enjoyed them. The more you write the more the potential for:

My Life Lyrics.

this way of life - to this life I live

I chose to write my poems and short life lyrics, I still get an urge to write these short pieces but not as often as I would like. Many of these poems about life  and love were written within minutes just blurting out my minds thoughts. Have you tried writing life poems or any other form of creative writing? Let us know in the flirt opportunity box below.

Short Poems
Sonnet For Whoever

Short poems and life lyrics

Poems on life My Sonnet for whoever

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my life poems
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