Complicated relationship issues!
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Complicated relationship issues

Complicated Relationship Communication Breakdowns:

The easy life is a saying that portrays life being easy, but define easy? one person’s easy is not always the others. However one thing that the majority want is a life that is uncomplicated when it comes to relationships with their loved ones. Love can be disrupted by difficult communication and if it exists the potential to find a lasting partnership is limited at best. A form of communication called triangular communication can disrupt any relationship and give rise to complicated relationship issues; this article is about how it happens and why. Triangular communication is a type of communication built on old school rules were individuals disrupt each other’s lives with hearsay driving complications deep into a relationship, It can be done innocently but others have a secret love of disruption.

The ability to disrupt relationships is achieved firstly through manipulation of individuals that involves closing the communication loop. This is achieved in numerous ways but will generally be some form of exaggeration of the truth. If someone is feeling vulnerable or a little insecure and a piece of information is shared with them in an exaggerated way it can lead them to close up, stop talking, leading to pent up frustration and make insecurity even worse. It can be subtle, merely repeating something that someone has said in exactly the same words they used but changing the emphasis to fit according to the disruption they have chosen to cause. The outcome can be devastating creating a complicated relationship issue. No one should underestimate the power of this form of communication to disrupt or potentially destroy a loving relationship or close family bond.

The Complicated Communication Threat

Diagram of life truth triangle

The major key to stop disruptive communication is one of on going open and honest communication with your partner. The second way to deal with this type of disruptive communication is to challenge the manipulator. As an example let’s say a husband has told their brother that they are not getting on with their wife very well at the moment and things are a little tough, something that brothers would share as part of a support structure that a family develops. Now, if the brother becomes a mischief maker for whatever reason, they can manipulate those words very easily. Bumping into the wife and simply repeating what has been said to them but with an exaggerated tone and making it sound very serious, upsetting the wife who then returns home disappointed at their husband for sharing matrimonial issues in such a way. She may at this point decide to become silent, which drives an atmosphere leading to complicated relationship issues.

To counter act this scenario the simple steps required is firstly for the wife to reopen communication with their husband and the husband or wife to compassionately and politely challenge the brother on why he chose to share what he knew in the manner he did. If a strengthening of the impact is required the challenge could also be done with all the individuals present in the triangle of communication present. Sometimes it’s not the answer to the question we are interested in but delivering the message that you know what has been said, the manner it was said and that communication lines are open with the person they have upset. Once the agitator realises that this is the case they may step up their efforts, but simply keep talking with each other and challenging back. This will help define a path of navigation within the relationship that binds togetherness.

Keep Talking And Challenge Those That Disrupt!

complicated relationship Issues
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