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Learn The Art Of How To Flirt To Attract A Date

In our how to flirt articles we share tips and observations that will be helpful when out looking for a partner. Flirting is a behaviour that humans and many species participate in as an act to attract a potential partner, show off sex appeal and promote physical attraction. Flirt chat is a term used to describe the act of verbal flirting and using pickup lines, however words only play a small part in the process, there are 101 ways to flirt and send out attraction messages. Flirting is an art form that once the physical and psychological aspects are understood can be used with great success to attract potential partners for both males and females. The emotions felt when flirting make us feel good and this then has a positive effect on our psych which increases our feeling of self-worth. People like to flirt, it brings fun times and good feelings even if there is no serious intent on attracting a partner, on a lower level it is a comparison to banter, many men and women like to have light banter that helps drive happiness and feeling good, flirting does the same thing but will involve sexual tension and excitement as we look to increase physical attraction in the hope love is in the air.

Our How To Flirt Tips

Pickup lines and chat up lines

Is This The Best Pickup Line Ever!
Initiate to win. In the world of flirting the one who makes the move wins. Making first contact can be tough and using the right opening conversation can make or break a potential coming together of two individuals. We share what we think may be the best easy flirt pick up line ever!

Physical attraction

The Body Language Of Physical Attraction.
You could be the most physically attractive person in the world but if your body language is not right then physical attraction will be lost. There are numerous ways we can use our bodies to promote the fact we are interested in a person from a flirty handshake to a simple smile. Find out more here!

Flirt with men

Flirting Tips For Girls
Both sexes have their own powers of flirting they can use to attract a date. Here we look at the powers of the females ability to attract. A flick of the hair at the right time can make it happen but what else can a girl do to attract the one they want?

Flirty text messages and sexy texts

Top Sexy Texts To Send Him Wild
You don't need to be in the same room to make a flirty moment happen. In this day and age we can flirt on the phone via text. Learn some basic flirty texts to use to start the process so when you do meet the anticipation is already high.

The best flirting tips

Six Flirting Tips For Either Sex
Many flirting techniques are generic across both sexes. Here we look at the basics of what you can do to start the process of attraction for either sex. Even the way we listen to some one can make us attractive.

How to flirt with girls

How To Flirt With Girls
Women feel life men think life. The fundamental difference of the genders is crucial to remember when flirting with girls. Learn  how to present your self so they find the attraction you are hoping for. The art of listening is a must do!

How To flirt
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