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Hi There.

I have journeyed through life and had many experiences both good and bad. Married and divorced, young adult children, highs and lows, loss of loved ones, life never stops. I came up with the idea for this site after experiencing an emotional breakdown and going through a month of residential holistic healing.

The healing process included:

Understanding depression  -  Dealing with anxiety

Assertiveness   -   Mindfulness

Yoga   -   Alcohol awareness

Self esteem  -  Arts and Crafts

Anger management  -  Creative writing

Drama Therapy

But one of the biggest therapies of all was just the sheer experience. When faced alone, to flirt with your own thoughts and also work with other peoples challenges, the thing that really comes to you  is the sheer amount of people that have there own truths. Hence a web site to share and let be shared, ours and your flirting, with ours and your truths. If we can share our opinions and accept other peoples opinions without expecting others to change and indeed accepting their truth then we believe the world will be a better place.

But we also want to have some light hearted fun too.

So please join in the flirting and share your truths, views and stories.

Do what you have always done
and you will have what you have always had.
So Try something different !


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