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Zodiac love compatibility

To understand the zodiac love compatibility concept you must first understand how sign compatibility works. All sun signs are separated into the four elements. Fire, Earth, Air and water. Were these signs sit has a huge bearing on the characteristics of its love position. Zodiac love compatibility is also effected by which season the sign sits in, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.Below we have separated out the star signs into the respective horoscope elements and have also shown which zodiac season they represent with their symbol. Choose the sign that you want to find out its horoscope position and learn more about its compatibility with other signs.

Star signs have been with us for centuries and are shrouded by much mystery. We suggest a reasonable perspective, these twelve have been with us for so long that they must hold some pretence over mankind, or as with all things that are without meaning, would have faded away a long time ago? So start your journey to find zodiac love compatibility.

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Fire Star Signs
High spirited and require freedom in their lives. They have child like characteristics in expressing themselves which can be both endearing and agitating. They can also come across as very powerful, in fact overpowering at times. Their key ability allows them to directly control the will to achieve, but unfortunately not consistently.

Aries love compatibility


Leo love compatibility


Sagittarius love compatibility


Air Star Signs
The opinion process is so important, they react strongly to feeling ignored. They have little regard for the limits of their physical body. They have an urge to fantasize but lack the compunction to test their thoughts and ideas. Their key ability is the capability to detach themselves from what is going on around them allowing them to gain perspective.

Libra love compatibility


Aquarius love compatibility


Gemini love compatibility


Earth Star Signs
Firmly placed in the real world in the here and now. They are persistent and providers, delivering the basics of life at the very least. They can come across in a more relaxed manner but they will be resilient when protecting what they have worked for. Earth signs key ability is to be tuned in to the here and now, however this can hinder their ability to flirt with their imaginative side.

Capricorn love compatibility


Taurus love compatibility


Virgo love compatibility


Water Star Signs
Attention to detail and their understanding of greater forces at play than themselves make them present themselves as an informed group. They are dreamers and want to deliver those dreams into reality. Water signs key ability is the understanding of change and how that can touch the lives of the many. However they are prone to flirt with eccentricity if left to their own devices.

Cancer love compatibility


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Pisces love compatibility


Zodiac compatibility
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