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In the dating guide articles below we share tips and observations that will help anyone travelling along their dating journey, acting as a reference to give some tips on finding love. Let’s start the dating guide articles by posing a question. In the world we live in today have the rules of a date changed. Or do we still live in a world where having to think of creative ideas to find dating matches still exist. More and more of our activity is moving to online dating for either matchmaking or flirt dating, so knowing the rules of dating has become more and more important. Online Dating sites play a huge role in bringing people together and there are so many of them finding and dating people could actually turn in to a life times work. Let's look at some of the dating challenges in our articles below from first date advice to online dating profiles in search of some answers in this new world of dating.

The Dating Guide Articles

Online dating advice

Online Dating Profiles Discussed
There are three fundamental aspects of an online profile that are a must if you are to find love compatibility. Find out what they are and what the best process of writing a profile that sells you as you want to be perceived.

Dating secrets revealed

Dating People - The Human Bias
Ever wondered why people keep going out with the same type of individual? We all have hidden biases that are fundamental to our survival, they allow us to make quick decisions when needed. If we are to change our partner choices we need to be aware of what they are, we can then try something new.

The dating quiz

The Quiz To Understand Attachment
What attachment type are you and what type of attachment type are you looking for? Our quiz will define you in to one of three types. When you understand who you are and what you are looking for it can be easier to make the right choices when looking for a partner in life.

Dealing with a dating flirt

Dealing With A Flirt
How to spot a serial dater! Sometimes we come across those that are just not serious and are feeding their own egos. When dating people you are susceptible to meeting one of these types. They will behave with certain traits. Learn how to spot those serial daters.

Dealing with a difficult date

Difficult Date Help
Ever met up with some one who is just not for you. We share some techniques based on assertive skills that you can use if you find yourself on a bad date. The fogging technique and more explained to make sure you banish the diva and move on fast.

First date advice

The First Date Advice
We often except behaviours initially that we later do not like. In order to find a long term relationship we must be true to our selves from the start. We share two fundamental pieces of advice to remember on a first date and five easy mistakes to make.

The simple rules of dating

The Dating Rules
How to stay safe and make a date successful. We look at eight rules of dating that will help make everything go smoothly. From what not to talk about to location choices. If you have just started dating this is a must read.

Dealing with dating mistakes

 Dealing With The Dating Life
Sometimes we can start to feel low moods when things aren't going great. Take some solace out of our five tips on how to stay positive when things are tough. We all need to sometimes get back on track and live for the now. Help on how to recover from low moods.

Our Dating Challenges

People love courting and start at all different ages in life, there are many challenges in building a relationship and with an ever changing landscape the rules of success keep changing. So please take a look through our dating guide articles dealing with lots of aspects of dating from divas to quizzes we hope you will find our dating guide helpful to stay positive in your dating life.

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