Three easy love spells
to find and keep the lover you want
With the power of
Natural magic

Easy love spells

Easy Love Spells in our ever increasing materialistic world are losing connection with nature and natural magic. However the world is beginning to realise that all things are connected and that the world must be viewed as one and all the things that happen upon it have a reaction and a consequence. This is leading to a much more balanced view on the resources we rely upon.

Natural magic and mind magic are based upon simple natural ingredients and the connection you make with them. All things at your disposal are borrowed from nature and will return to nature as intended. Magic of the mind allows you to set a path for success to what you want to achieve. All magic should be used with caution and never to gain control or harm anyone or anything. If you use magic negatively then that negativity will return to you.

Easy Love Spells 1
To Catch A Lover:

Catch a lover

You require:

  • A pink candle
  • Tooth pick
  • Narrow Strip of paper
  • Red/Green/White ribbons
  • A piece of Willow wood

To help attract an ideal love partner this spell can be used on a waxing moon, for best results carry this love spell out on a Friday, the day special to Venus the goddess of love.

Start preparing this spell on a Friday evening by picturing in your mind the person you wish to attract, once you have their picture firmly in your mind give them a special name that only you know. Carve the new magical name you have chosen into the side of the candle. On the narrow strip of paper write your own name and then braid the paper using the ribbons. In the moonlight ask Venus to bless the candle, wood and ribbons. Place the candle safely in place and light it. Look into the glow of the candle from a safe distance and use your imagination to conjure pictures of you and the one you wish to attract hand in hand. Wrap the braided ribbons around the spindle of wood in a clockwise direction and watch as the candle melts through the name carved upon it. Seal each end of the spindle with the melted candle wax. Now take the spindle and sleep the night with it close to you. In the morning upbraid the ribbons to release your spell and help attract the one you wish for.

Easy Love Spells 2
Magic Of The Rose:

Magic of the rose spell
You require: 

  • A red Rosa and a White rose
  • A small scroll of paper
  • A small lock of your own hair
  • A piece of pink ribbon

On the small scroll of paper write a list of all the things that you wish for in an ideal lover. When finished wrap the scroll around the lock of your hair. Cut each rose in half and then place one white half next to the red half to complete one mixed red and white rose. Between the two halves place the scroll and the lock of hair and bind them all together with the pink ribbon. Kiss each half of the banded roses and then throw them into running water such as a river or stream. Then bury the remaining two halves in the ground together asking Venus to bless the spell for you.

Easy Love Spells 3
The Lovers Goblet:

Lovers goblet spell

You require:

  • A silver coin
  • Basil leaves
  • Sage leaves
  • 2 goblets
  • A small amount of Strega / Galliano or Mead liquor

Prepare for this spell a number of days before a full moon by keeping the silver coin close to you at all times. Once the night of the full moon is upon you then the spell can be complete.  

The night of the full moon place the silver coin in the palm of your hand and hold it under the moon light and picture in your mind your lover and think of all the things that attract and interest you about them. Once you have done this keep the coin stored safely until the night you wish to use it. On your chosen night gently rub the silver coin across enough basil and sage to line the bottom of the goblets you will use to drink from, this transfers the moons power to the potion. Line the bottom of the goblets with the sage and basil and cover with a small portion of the liquor or mead. Leave the drinks to stand for an hour and then drink the potion with your lover. This will help to bind your love together.

Easy love spells
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