Learn how to reach easy love compatibility
by understanding emotional moods
within your partner and self

Easy love compatibility

Easy love takes a little thought, thought for those that you care for. If we don't understand what emotional state our loved one is in we cannot give them what they want or need. It can be a difficult process if over complicated but if we simply gauge what mood they are in we can effectively move to what ever that mood requires from us then we achieve the easy love we want. It sounds very simple but is over looked considerably because often we are tied up in our own feelings and emotions. Within us we all have different layers of personality, these personalities are just like our moods, they can change depending on how we are feeling. If we say we have a parent within us this would be the side of the personality that takes over when we might be dealing with something that we think we need to control or give advice.

Get Easy Love With The Love Detector

We then have the adult within us, the adult takes over when we need to take life a little more seriously, such as when we are dealing with work or organising the home. Then we have the child, the child takes over when we want to have fun laugh and joke in life. Any one of these aspects of ourselves can and does take over at any time depending on what we think of our reality in the moment. As an example let us say two people who are in love are having a flirt with each other by having a pillow fight, both are happy, laughing and joking as the pillows are thrown at each other, the child mood within us is having fun and compatibility is achieved.

All of a sudden one of them gets hit on the nose and it hurts. At this point the injured loved one may well go from child to adult due to feeling pain, suddenly becoming serious as they are injured. The other party stays in child mood and continues to hit the other, this then sends the injured loved one to parent mood and starts to tell the other one off, compatibility is now broken. If we were in tune with each other immediately after the loved one was injured we would notice they were injured and move to adult mode or even parent mode stopping the pillow fight, showing concern as an adult, or offering help if in parent mode and achieving love compatibility.

Move With Your Partners Moods

Easy love emotion chart

We must try to move to the level that our loved one needs for the emotions or feelings they are in at that moment to achieve compatibility. For this to be achievable the start of a close loving relationship must be present minimum. If you know and understand your loved one you will learn to know when they need the child, adult or parent within you and find love coming easily, this is the simple love detector. If we can show this level of attention to those we care for a true feeling of love will prevail achieving compatibility in our relationships.

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