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Try These Simple Steps To Flirt With Girls Success To Attract The Girl You Want

To flirt with girls successfully you need to understand the fundamental differences between the male and female species. The opposite sexes flirt and date with different expectations of what they need to happen. If we can understand what the opposite sex is expecting we can modify our technique, become more personable and make the connection required during the flirting process and get to know our potential matches quicker.

How To Flirt With Girls
Initiate To Win!

To Feel - Or Think

Women feel life - men think life. A woman is much more likely to act on an impulse or instinct than a man, especially in the realms of love. In order to engage women in deeper conversation talking with your feelings and being descriptive with your emotions will have a much bigger impact than just saying what you think. Generally woman feel life through love and are attached directly to life with their emotions, love is inherently built into everything they do. A way to explain the difference between men and women is - women live in a house of love – men live in a house with a room called love. So to flirt with girls men need to get into their love room. If flirting online it is good to remember that girls are much more passive than men so a cheeky comment can make all the difference to make initial contact but keep it subtle. 

Approach To Win

Although the tide has turned slightly on this, most women still like the accept or deny part of the flirting process. Generally speaking women attract and men seek out. In this changing world you could question if it is still the man's job to initiate and approach. Girls are far more likely to initiate contact with men in these times but it is still widely accepted that initial contact is instigated by the male. So do not expect a girl to approach you, they simply don’t generally think that way. A woman likes to be made to feel special and cared for, men like to make a woman feel special and cared for, so the social role is different. If you want to flirt with girls make it your job to get the conversation started. Just because she hasn’t spoken doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.

Lead Or Follow

Men can put all sorts of pressure upon themselves, thinking if they instigate contact they may run out of things to say. Well they may well do, but only if she lets you! Remember there is more than one person in an exchange, once the initial barrier of introduction is over the conversation will flow especially if she is interested and the body language is good. So once you have led into a conversation it is most likely that you can become the follower at times while they take the lead. Relax be charming and just let it happen, if physical attraction is working the encounter will be natural. If it’s going to work it will.

No Straight Answer

Do not ever expect to get the answer you thought you were going to get when you flirt with girls. In fact it would probably be a good idea to train yourself never get the answer you expected. Women work with their feelings and emotions and will not see a question the way you think they will this will lead them to answer in a completely different way than expected. So when you ask a straight forward question do not expect a straight forward answer, in fact, the more they are interested the more the answer can be ambiguous. Indulge the conversation, ask questions and explore their answers The power of interest and intrigue is huge.

Mind Over Body

Generally speaking men are connected to the physical form and women connect to the emotion of things. Women are looking for mental connection, emotional play and changes of feelings. Connection at the emotional level is a must do when you flirt with girls. Do not be in a rush to make physical contact. Concentrate on making that emotional click happen by light hearted teasing and playful conversation.

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