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Flirt with men

Get His Attention When Your Looking To Attract A Man!With These Flirt With Men Tips

How to flirt with men is a big subject, building on our physical attraction article we will now look more in-depth at what works in the flirting moment and how a girl can confirm to their potential love they are interested in them or how to identify a female is flirting with you. It’s amazing to think so many people don’t notice when someone is interested in them, people give out the most subtle flirting gestures they can be easily missed. Sometimes you just have to let them know the direct way - talk to them. But the art of the flirt holds so much excitement for human nature that it can make us feel good about ourselves and lead to all kinds of interesting and intriguing situations. So if you want that man in your life or you want to know how to identify when a girl is interested in you. Learn how to flirt with men.

How To Flirt With Men

Legs Eleven

Crossing and uncrossing legs is an obvious method used by girls, a pair of high heels and a thigh length skirt can only add to the impact, working on the principle that most men are driven by visual stimulus this can be a winning blow.

Hot Hair Play

Women think that constantly twisting and flipping their hair makes them look flirty and it does, it must not be overdone or it may come across as a sign of being nervous. Incorporate eye contact and widening of the eyes as you twiddle with the gleaming hair adding to the impact. Ultimately a girl must be 100% comfortable with their hair and indeed themselves and what they are wearing. So if a girl is playing with her hair at you pay a compliment put her at ease about herself and let the conversation flow.

The Goodnight Text – The Silent Tip

In the world of attraction this is going to sound odd, but at first do not do the goodnight text. On the first handful of dates keep them guessing on how much you like them. This is the silent technique building uncertainty and mystery, when your with them let them know you like them so when you’re not they miss you.

Lush Lips

he power of the lips is a big player. A woman’s lips are seductive and flirtatious to a man. The way you drink your drink through a straw, or putting on the lip gloss can be an extremely flirtatious act. When listening to conversation allowing your lips to gently fall open so a small gap is between your top and lower lips is highly flirtatious, especially if a gentle pout is applied. Gently rubbing your lips with your fingers while listening intently and keeping eye contact is another.

Mini Me

Copying body stance and movement is an affirmation of liking someone. Start to drink your drink just like they are, copy their posture and take on some of their mannerisms, it will slowly but surely scorch into their mind that you like them.

I Need Some Space

Entering personal space is a big indicator of interest, brushing past with a glance while smiling delivers a big impact. Doing it with a facial look of expectation of a reply even though no one has said anything is a big indicator. If you want to ramp up the levels, make a suggestion to get them talking. Any excuse will do, if they like you then they will play along. Then find a reason to touch them on the forearm, shoulder, wrist or hand, there are few clearer signs of interest if a woman wants to get a partner alone and touch them.

If by this time the interest has not been returned then you need to consider if they are suffering with a phobia. The how to flirt with men tips above are the top performers. If done correctly and the physical attraction is present on both sides, then the dating process may commence!

How To Flirt With Men
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