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When looking at flirting advice tips it’s good to remember there are two types of flirting that exist. For fun which is common amongst friends were the key outcome is to make yourself feel good. Then there is flirting with intent to find a potential partner match. Flirting for fun is the practise ground for when it really matters and you don’t want to fail to impress your potential new match. So here are the six basic flirting advice tips to know and indeed practice ready for that moment when you meet that irresistible potential date.

Flirting Advice Tips For All!

Eye Contact

Eye contact will be the first point of contact when trying to attract women or men unless by text or phone. Eye contact plays a huge role in the flirting process. When you meet someone first make short eye contact, look away and then look back. This affirms to the other person that you have an interest in them. If, when you look back they are still looking or look back at you this affirms that they are now also potentially interested in contact. Hold the second eye contact and go for it! Use the best chat up line you have. If the response is favourable then continue to talk. Once the opening lines of conversation have taken place what you are saying may not be as important as how you are saying it. Tone of voice, general persona, happiness level, body language and the general presentation of your self are all being analysed for physical attraction and sex appeal in these brief moments. Once all these senses have been satisfied which can happen within seconds or minutes, the actual conversation will become more and more important.

Listening Skills

Active listening is a must when discussing flirting advice tips but many struggle to truly understand it. Try to listen without thinking about your next words, trust yourself to be able to respond to what has been said. This releases your mind to show how engaged you are in what they are saying, giving a very positive effect on the other person’s opinion of how engaged you are in the conversation. Feedback in the conversation using paraphrasing, this involves repeating what has just been said to you but adding to the sentence at the end to bring it back to a question. For example if they say to you: ‘I had a terrible drive over here’, you could paraphrase back by saying: ‘you drove over here, why was it terrible’?

Conversation Skills

The key to engaging a potential date in conversation is to make the conversation focused on them and light of heart. Ask questions about them, we all like to talk about ourselves so give them the opportunity, now is the time to listen. If you come across as a good listener, driving the conversation with open questions you become more and more engaging. If possible give some personal disclosure about something, this should be thought out and balanced, this will start to produce a connection between you and them which is the next big step towards confirming you like each other. If they like what you have disclosed the level of comfort increases and the encounter starts to relax, allowing you both to become more spontaneous letting both your true characteristics to come out. Humour and playful teasing help to build verbal intimacy but caution needs to be taken as you don’t truly know their humour type, an inappropriate comment could end the moment instantly. Use sentences that start with, who, when, were, what and how.


This should be limited in the initial flirting stages, a brief touch on the shoulder or arm at most, hand holding may well come later and hugging at this point is out of the question. Touching is a sensitive area. The right to touch someone is something that you have to earn, so be cautious not to touch unless you feel you have permission. If you feel a touch on the arm or shoulder is achievable try it, it can have a lasting positive affect that takes you to the next level of swapping phone numbers!

Body Language

A non-threatening persona is a must in this situation to send out the right message. Use open hand palm movements that gives an open feeling to your communication. Nod in agreement while holding an open body posture orientated towards them. Another technique is to mirror their posture, this gives off signals that you like them as you both share the same stance. Move closer during the conversation but again this must be done with caution, if you are further than half a meter away you may move closer without worry but once you move in beyond the half meter zone you are then entering their personal space, so be sure you’re a welcome guest if you do. The most important thing to do is smile, smile some more and then smile again. The power of a smile is enormous and the key to building that connection with each other especially when trying to build sex appeal.

When And Where?
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