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Relationship compatibility advice

In this relationship compatibility article we ask - when is it best to lose in love? When you love somebody so much that winning a dispute doesn’t matter. What would be the point of winning an argument with the true love of your life, for them to be so effected by the outcome they leave the relationship looking for a new life somewhere else? This doesn’t sound logical but at times is the reality. All healthy relationships have there up and downs, casual relationships are much easier to manage but when the relationship becomes more in depth and the love grows the stakes get high and relationship compatibility becomes key.

Sometimes the build-up of negative emotions can be gradual and almost unrecognisable. Having multiple arguments or disagreements over many years with one of the individuals in the relationship losing almost every time, leading to pent up mixed feelings and emotions that ultimately boil over and negatively impact the relationship compatibility at minimum. This relationship advice works on the definition of time. We must nurture relationships and invest our most precious commodity in them:


Lose To Win In Love Advice

Is it only in the realms of love relationships that this rule of losing exists? A strange thought to flirt with. If we are to consider losing in love to nurture our relationships what would that look like and how do we achieve it. Firstly we need to identify which disputes we can afford to loose, not every decision has to be a win loose scenario. Once we understand the things we are willing to loose on we can then give those things back to our loved one creating a more healthy relationship and love compatibility takes a step forward.

As an example let us say a wife or husband that love each other want to go to a concert. One of them actually hates the band that is playing but has nothing else planned that evening. Instead of trying to put forward a reasonable argument not to go would it not be better to lose in love? Attend the concert and have that time with your loved one, investing in what they like and want. Is this not a sign of true love that we should display to those that hold our hearts? The reality is, if we did, we would be paid back tenfold as our partners see our ability to put them first, making them feel like they should, the most important person in our lives. If we have a relevant self-esteem level matching our partners we can give without expecting, receive without judging and have that healthy relationship we all crave.

Relationship Compatibility:
It’s very simple when you see it:


If we understand what we are willing to compromise on in the name of true love, we are well equipped to nurture and grow a long lasting sustainable love. You could visualise it as a paint sample card that you get from a DIY store. It has hundreds of different shades of the same colour on it. Even if we begin at opposite ends of the card, if we truly care for one another we will find a shade of colour that suits both.

The rule of compromise:

The line of compromise must be clearly defined in our minds and not crossed. If you cross your own line of compromise you may feel you have given too much, this can have a huge negative effect on yourself leading to complications in the relationship that can be as negative as never losing in love!

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