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Secret dating bias

In secret dating bias the face will probably be the first physical aspect you notice of someone and will be your first bias. Ask yourself what type of face and features you like? We are drawn to certain features for many reasons, it could be that every person you have ever met with blonde hair is very friendly. Your brain would have stored that detail on a subconscious level and influence you're thinking without you even knowing it, creating the potential to have a secret dating bias that you are not aware of. That is a simple example of a brain assumption mechanism we all have that will influence our thinking. 

Although we know we should not have a secret bias when we first meet someone humans are prone to make quick decisions, this helps us decide how we will act towards others. We look for things we are used to, this helps us decide on how we will act towards them. However these decisions are generalised and as we all know each human being is individual and complex so in many ways this can potentially hinder us when we are looking for a partner and long term relationship.

Secret Dating Bias Partner Choice

 If you seem to always be attracted to a certain personality face type or character this tells you some important information about yourself and reveals your default partner choice. If we become more aware of our subconscious biases we can make sure we are using our heart and soul as well as our minds to make decisions when it comes to love partners, removing the influence of our secret choices. The start to learning awareness of these biases is best tried out with making yourself aware of face types and the character traits they generally possess, this is a generalisation but does have research to prove a level of truth.

The Five Universal Emotions


These five emotions can be potentially misread depending on the individual's facial characteristics. For example, someone with heavy eyebrows and thin lips could be mistaken as angry but may well not be. The best way to experiment with these biases is to look at someone’s face and decide on what type of person you think they will be like if you talk them. Once you have decided on how you think they will behave strike up a conversation. You will be amazed at how right and wrong you can be.
 As a general rule our facial biases are:

Sad features represent someone who is generally warm but lacks assertiveness.

Surprised features represent a level negativity and pessimism.

Happy features represent a higher level of warmth and a good degree of confidence.

These are biases our human minds see and we must be aware that these can potentially be influencing our thinking without us knowing. Just remember if your eyes are stuck on one type - your secret dating bias may well be over influencing your choices.

Secret Dating Bias
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