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The love connections we all search for is influenced by many things, such as physical attraction, age, gender and are primarily driven by the individuals' likes and dislikes. We all seem to have a slightly different definition that suits us. Once we have met a potential match and flirt our way to a date we probably still know little about them. The flirting over rides our normal perceptions as we are full of adrenaline. So once that fun fuelled adrenaline roller coaster has finally calmed down how do we quickly understand some basic characteristics of our new potential match that will help us to connect quickly to find the love connection on both sides. Human characteristics in there simplest forms fall into four categories. These categories if understood can be used as a simple test to quickly identify if the one you have met or are in a relationship with are for you.

The Four Personalities
Of The Love Connection

The Thinker

Will come across as understanding and have high standards. The thinker may be slow in initial conversation and they will require time to reflect on new experiences. They will also surprise you with their attention to detail even on the smallest of things. They have an air of confidence and ask many questions, so conversation will flow freely. If you're dating or in a relationship with a thinker be patient as they like to consider things. Physical contact will be slow and you may have to initiate more contact than they do as they sometimes feel awkward until the love connection is fully felt. With a thinker never change plans suddenly, they dislike things that change without good notice.

Mr Or Miss Action Orientated

Action oriented individuals will come across very confident and determined. If you want to get them really engaged on the first date or keep them engaged in a relationship they love to rise to a challenge. They will routinely share their point of view, enjoy talking and do not come across as a great listener which can continue into a relationship. If you are with the action orientated type and they fall for you they will be determined to make you feel the same way as they do and you will leave knowing they are interested. They don’t like waffle so get to the point quickly if you can, let them lead if they choose.

The Love Connection Theory

Matching in relationships

The Relationship Builder

They want to achieve harmony in their lives, they often have very stable characteristics and a stable life style. They will have a mild manner and you will feel that they listen intently to you. A builder will have a persistent edge to them as they strive for long term relationships that are sincere and warm. However the relationship builder can be easily hurt and may come across uncomfortable at times but this will pass if the connection is strong and they are enjoying the date. Ask their opinion but wait for them to answer patiently as they require time to answer, try to connect to their pace of things and be patient and supportive. Never take advantage of a relationship builder's good nature or put them on the spot.

The Talker

The Talker will be fun to be around and the level of interaction in any conversation will be high. Due to their fun nature they are quick to make friends and are easy to connect with. They will come across as imaginative and will respond with a big smile to any recognition they receive. The talker may often be late, so they may lack planning and have a laid back approach to things. Dare to be late with a talker at your own risk, they don’t like to be alone for long. If you are bubbly and fun you will hit it off from the start, be prepared to be open and flexible to new ideas even after many years.

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