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This way of life we have today in the western world has become very complicated. In our world today we grasp for materialistic things that give us pleasure. Do we now have pleasure and love mixed up. Things enhance our lives and bring many positives to this way of life we live. But if we are not happy then what is the point. Is what we perceive to be rich pickings actually working to complicate our things. So in this game of life how do we sustain happiness simply by our love for life? We could potentially be lotto winners and be miserable every day of our lives whatever we buy. We may have short term happiness and we may perceive it to enhance our quality of things but this will surely drain away as we become bored of our new toys. So how do we sustain and learn to live this way of life we want. At the present time there is an under current that is playing through in shops and malls everywhere, shops that sell lovely home articles with messages on them. One that has become very popular simply says 'enjoy the simple things'.

This Way Of Life
Make Life A want To Not Must Do

If we can grasp this simple but powerful message, can we actually sustain happiness by taking pleasure from the simple things, if we can; the world will become a whole lot happier. But what are those simple things that bring us that we all wish to have. Once the layers are stripped away and you are left with the very basics, the simple things are the things that are left. We seemed to have taken the love and fun away from the things we must do to sustain ourselves and changed our mind set from a want to, to a must do, this can directly impact us. A very subtle change in wording but potentially a big psychological impact. Detracting us from the real world and pushing us to a world that is potentially superficial.

Enjoy The Simple Things In Life

A simple example of this would be a dog owner. A happy dog owner will want to walk his dog; an unhappy dog owner must walk his dog. For me this learning has made a massive difference and led me to this way of life I live now, one day I actually caught myself feeling like the example above, if you can recognise the thought change early it gives you the ability to challenge it so the argue to win technique can get you back to the want to quickly. So life is love of the simple things, maybe we should all get back to wanting to walk the dog, cook the dinner, living healthy and staying in cosy having a chat instead of looking at it as a must do? This would have a simple but huge impact on the quality of our worlds as we journey through this game we all share.

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