Which star sign should
zodiac sign Cancer find love
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Zodiac Sign Cancer Astrology Love Matches

Zodiac sign cancer is a family orientated sun sign enjoying the home life and striving for harmony within it. However that is not to say they are not adverse to a little adventure and travel as well. Cancer can be a sensitive soul and do not take criticism well often withdrawing into themselves if they find themselves in these circumstances. A complex sun sign, Cancer lives with the past always very close in their thoughts and can be very changeable in their moods. Cancer does not like argument as they flirt and struggle with their own thoughts before reaching decisions.

The Love Compatibility Of
 Zodiac Sign Cancer

Cancer and Taurus Love Compatibility
The driving force within this love compatibility is security, it is held almost above everything else within the relationship. With zodiac sign Cancer often holding their emotions inside they are attracted to how star sign Taurus has an honest open nature. Taurus often have fixed habits and once they form an opinion it is very hard to change, this is a great support for Cancer acting as an enabler for Cancer to seek out new inspirations that they crave. As a love match they are strong and dependable and enjoy home life greatly and spending time alone together.

Cancer and Virgo Love Compatibility
A slow burner of a relationship that over time can develop to become very strong. This sun sign match prefers the no nonsense approach, with little time for insignificant issues. They will both work hard at giving each other what they need without argument and regard each other’s thoughtfulness as the prize. Virgo must be vigilant not to be over critical of Cancer as they have an easily bruised ego, but with Virgo having a high adaptability this should not be a problem. They will enjoy the good things in life but only if they have had to work honestly to gain them, Virgo enjoys helping star sign Cancer along the way of life.

Cancer and Scorpio Love Compatibility
Cancer and Scorpio have a high sexual attraction to each other making for a hot relationship. This will keep the passion flowing as they travel through life together. Mix this with the enjoyment zodiac sign Cancer gets from Scorpios potential jealousy and the fact that Cancer is an instigator and Scorpio a finisher this really can be a lively love match. Both seeing life as a journey of human connection of emotion, this relationship can become very deep through time if they truly learn to trust each other. However sparks can fly at times as both signs can be very stubborn, but once star sign Cancer can see Scorpio is in it for the long haul this can be a very interesting love match.

Cancer and Pisces Love Compatibility
With Cancer having the get up and go and Pisces the dreamy ideas this can be a real adventure, as Cancer unlocks the ideas that star sign Pisces presents to them. This produces a very rewarding relationship as ideas and emotions are explored. Absorbed in intrigue and mystery this love match can reach a true emotional depth unrivalled by other zodiac matches. Cancer must be cautious not to stifle Pisces with too many demands and Pisces must be aware of their far away attitude at times, once these are recognised a true zodiac love match will form.

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