Which star sign should
zodiac sign Gemini find love
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Zodiac sign Gemini horoscope love

Quick to adapt to any situation zodiac sign Gemini can deal with almost any situation. They are made up of contradictions which leads them to question many things in life. With this quality they are generally imaginative, generous and affectionate. Gemini is probably the best sign at dealing with change as they frequently look to tweak their reality. They also have a great ability at understanding their own challenges, but prefer to acknowledge them and swiftly move on. A clever and witty sign.

Zodiac Sign Gemini Compatibility

The Gemini and Aries Love Match

Optimism has a key presence in this relationship. This makes for a partnership that endures through the hardest of times. The great thing about this match is the fact that Aries loves to live experiences and star sign Gemini loves to talk about them making for a great active life adventure with a time for reflection and learning. Aries balances out Gemini's sometimes wish washy behaviour while Gemini balances Aries head on attack on life. With Gemini willing to let Aries take the glory it brings the freedom Aries loves, however Aries needs to be cautious of not pushing Gemini into something they are not fully comfortable with. A great balanced enduring match.

The Gemini and Leo Love Match

Zodiac sign Gemini is attracted to Leos creative spirit, this pair is one of balance, with Zodiac sign Gemini liking of analysing things and Leo wanting to jump right in and get things done. Both with a high level of energy but delivered in different ways Leo likes to lead the way while Gemini relishes the freedom to think freely. Leo will bring a decisive aspect to the relationship, helping Gemini to make decisions. A pairing full of optimism and adventure.

The Gemini and Libra Love Match

With a high level of mental energy bought to this matching by both this can be a real ideas based relationship. Libra delivering the get up and go that Gemini sometimes lack, however Gemini has no problem keeping up once Libra is up and running. Libra holds the harmony with their lover above all else so Gemini must be cautious to balance their love of debate as Libra does not like to argue often but with Gemini having a high level of adaptability this works well.

The Gemini and Aquarius Love Match

Both possess quick wits that they rely on as they forge a relationship. If they manage to navigate this process correctly they will have the ability to move mountains and more. Gemini regards ideas and visionary thinking highly and Aquarius can certainly deliver. With their fast paced minds they are full of ideas that Aquarius will drive forward with determination. The biggest challenge this love match has is how they react to friction within their love. Aquarius can become frustrated by Gemini dawdling, while Gemini can feel Aquarius can be too stubborn. Something that can be overcome if love endures.

zodiac sign gemini Compatibility
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