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Zodiac sign Libra astrology sign love matches

Zodiac sign Libra is the sign of justice, striving for harmony and understanding. Always willing to take up a cause when others need them. They have a tendency to champion the underdog and you shouldn't be surprised if they side with a total stranger if they believe their cause is a worthy one. The sun sign Libra has an innate ability to uncover deceit as it champions the cause of harmony. Highly intuitive with many a good idea with the ability to look to the future.

Zodiac Sign Libra Love Matches

The Libra and Aquarius Love Match

Both have a deep drive to look after others. They are similar in their constitution so get along very well as they understand the needs of each other. With this close understanding they can take on very large projects and deliver them complete. This is due to Libra's initial drive and Aquarius having the influence to not let things go unfinished. This is a match of intellectual conversations as both will take joy from discussions about their interests and goals. Conversation being the key to understanding means there is little argument and indeed a high level team work.

The Libra and Gemini Love Match

With a high level of mental energy bought to this matching by both sun signs, this can be a real ideas based relationship. Libra delivering the get up and go that Gemini sometimes lack, however Gemini has no problem keeping up once Libra is up and running. Libra holds the harmony with their lover above all else so Gemini must be cautious to balance their love of debate as Libra does not like to argue often, but with Gemini having a high level of adaptability this works well.

The Libra and Leo Love Match

Libra has a calming and soothing influence on Leo, the balance is achieved from Libras good manners and charm and Leo's direct and decisive personality. Leo brings decisiveness to Libra and also spontaneity of life. This is a warm and loving affair with Libra's ability to see both sides of a story. Leo is pacified to a degree which helps bring balance. These two creates a great learning experience for both.

The Libra and Sagittarius Love Match

These two have the ability to always feel fresh even after many years together. Sagittarius is in search for wisdom and Libra has a tendency to be keen on beauty, this proves stimulating to Sagittarius while both have a high level of optimism about life and search for truth and beauty in life and love. Libra is a diplomat which unlocks the ability to quickly forgive and forget. A highly charged relationship, with zodiac sign Libra steering the boat and Sagittarius acting as the flow of things to come.

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