Which Star Sign Should
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Zodiac sign Scorpio horoscope love matches

Zodiac sign Scorpio possess the will to succeed every time, all the time. Highly observant when they are called to action, they can be dominant and determined. They can be blunt and argumentative at times and always ready to fight for the cause, they have a natural ability to stay calm under pressure due to their fearless nature and at times can go about things in a quite secretive manner.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Love Compatibility

The Scorpio and Cancer Love Match

Have a high sexual attraction to each other making for a hot relationship. This will keep the passion flowing as they travel through life together. Mix this with the enjoyment Cancer gets from Scorpios potential jealousy and the fact that Cancer is an instigator and Scorpio a finisher this really can be a lively star sign match. Both seeing life as a journey of human connection and emotion this relationship can be very deep if they truly learn to trust each other. However sparks can fly at times as both can be very stubborn, but once Cancer sees Scorpio is in it for the long haul, this can be a very interesting match.

The Scorpio and Virgo Love Match

These two as a love match work to bring order and power. Once they have a common goal nothing will get in their way. Virgo being adaptable will take a back seat for a while if a disagreement takes place and Scorpio will show Virgo life beyond the literal level. This couple are loyal and develop very strong ties. They have a tendency not to socialise in crowds, instead preferring smaller meetings. Virgo acts as a calming force for Scorpio making for a harmonious relationship.

The Scorpio and Capricorn Love Match

When these two make a match they get to grow and mature as individuals. These two tend to be a bit cautious and it takes a while for them to feel comfortable. Though they may be shy of getting involved, these two sun signs will discover that they can have quite a profound connection. Capricorn must be careful though, not to seem too shallow when levelling any criticism on Scorpio's sensitivity and Capricorn will learn to look below the surface. This is a dynamic match, achieving energy, affection and love.

The Scorpio and Pisces Love Match

Pisces offers kindness and sympathy which Scorpio appreciates greatly, while Scorpio offers a solid ground to develop a lasting relationship. Both signs can be a little introvert at times and because they both share this attribute understand each other well. Zodiac sign Scorpio at times can be a little frustrated by Pisces's charitable attitude as they are a more materialistic sign. This relationship can have an emotional intrigue that both enjoy.

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