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Broken relationships

Learn how to Identifying broken relationships with this love quiz. We all want relationships to work and we try hard to make that them happen but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Staying in a broken relationship is only sustainable for so long before unhappiness takes over. If you continue in a toxic relationship you can affect your ability to be ready for a new partner for a long time. The love quiz helps you identify different types of behaviour and attitudes that indicate that communication within a relationship has broken down. If you can answer yes to any one of the examples below you have a good indication that the relationship may well be on its way to being toxic and will require effort to recover

The Love Quiz
Do You Recognise Any Of  These Behaviours?

Wired Tongue

The best way to describe this broken relationships behaviour is the use of passive aggression. When a compliment is made but with a negative twist. This can be a real mind game if this is a chronic pattern within a relationship. So if a partner makes a comment such as – 'your hair looks so much nicer than yesterday', is it a compliment or not? - an example of passive aggressive commentary! We all say things that we could have phrased better, but if done to a chronic level this kind of comment needs challenging with compassion in the moment. You could reply - 'thank you but that’s made me feel like yesterday I was not looking so great'. If you continue to challenge these types of comments and they don’t change you need to question why and when you will not accept them any more.

Me Me Me

You start to share something that has affected you during your day and the reply is immediately refocused on the them. No focus on understanding the why, what, when, or if you are o.k. An instant turn in the conversation back onto them. This will soon make you feel not cared for or ignored. Chronic dismissive conversation is severely damaging and can soon lead to low self-esteem as discussed in our attract love article. If you tackle this behaviour by highlighting the constant return to them in a conversation and they continue, where can you possibly grow within the partnership or find happiness together. This is certainly not a relationship were you would expect an ' I love you ' letter.


Every time there’s something to do, that either of you could do you end up doing it. You’ve had a tough long day and your partner has been home all day, you get back and there’s nothing at all been done, no dinner nothing. On top of that when you start to share your difficult day with them they start to text on their phone. Is that inconsiderate? If this is a chronic behaviour a strong assertive conversation must take place! If it doesn’t change you run the risk of becoming a slave to the inconsiderate.

What's Yours Is Mine

With perpetual and repetitive borrowing of your personal belongings, offers of opinion or advice that you didn’t ask for or taking important decisions by themselves without consulting you. A sure sign of a what is yours is mine individual. You may feel drowned and out of control within your own life. If you can’t reset and reinforce the boundaries to suit, then you could start to lose the concept of who you are, leading to broken relationships.

I am Right!!

Chronic interruptions into your conversation but with a correction to what you have just said. It will seem everything you say is wrong or not quite right. This is a very controlling behaviour that can lead to high levels of frustration. This can lead to anxiety when having to deal with it at a chronic level. If nothing that you say is right you would have to question why they are with you.

So toxic behaviours are actually easy to identify when defining love. Isn't it strange that we only see them when we are given some advice that focuses on our realities. The best advice you can get is identifying how someone shows they love you.

That is the real test.

Do You Feel True love?  If Not then it probably isn't.

Ultimately we must make a decision on when the effort and trying must stop, the love quiz helps achieve this decision. These are some of the main indicators that are involved in broken relationships. If you can answer yes to any of the love quiz statements above you may need to consider if action is required.

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