Use this free mindfulness technique
To Help take control of
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Free mindfulness

Bringing Inner Calm And Stress Reduction:

Free mindfulness is a technique used to teach yourself to live in the moment, to live and breathe that very instant you find yourself in, using all your senses to take in all the things that are going on around you. The smell in the air, the colours of the things you see and the footsteps and noises in the atmosphere. Once the basic technique is mastered it helps us to fully experience what is going on around us. It has a calming effect on us slowing our senses down enabling us to be much more in tune with what are surroundings are telling us by opening up our senses and letting them have a clear connection with ourselves.

This has the benefit of clearing our minds, so we can manage negative or stressful thinking in a much more positive way. This technique can be used as part of living healthy in a busy life. This then allows us to take control and lower our stresses so we feel more comfortable. Another aspect this free mindfulness technique is useful for is decision making. Sometimes we find it difficult to find the answers to things regardless of how hard we try especially if the decisions are regarded as crucial. It helps by reminding the mind that it has the answer, so instead of trying to force the answer out we relax into ourselves and allow the answer to float out of our mind. All this from free mindfulness it takes time and patience but it is very helpful.

The Basic Technique’s To Start 
Free Mindfulness

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit, somewhere you will not be disturbed, try to set aside 30 minutes especially when first practising. A comfortable chair is good but stay seated in the upright position, fold your arms across your tummy, you may put a cushion between your arms and tummy if it feels more comfortable. Close your eyes but don’t clench them shut, try to shut the eyelids but relax them at the same time. The jaw position should be loose allowing the jaw to relax to the point where your lips feel like they are about to part. Make sure your tongue is relaxed, strangely this is normally just behind the top row of teeth slightly touching the roof of your mouth. Concentrate on your feet for 30 seconds and allow them to start to feel relaxed but firmly planted on the ground almost as if they feel they have been glued in position.

Once you have that feeling in your feet go through each section of your body - neck - shoulders - hands - chest - legs - fingers - toes. Concentrate on each one and relax them let them loosen up and feel floppy so there is no tension inside them. When your eyes are closed concentrate on the colours and shapes you are seeing, just let them wonder about and flirt with them watching them changing in the shadows enjoying the view. Your breathing must come from your tummy, if you are breathing from your chest and ribs alter it so the movement of your breathing starts to push your tummy in and out. Taking one large breath and releasing it slowly as if you are having a big sigh. Then revert back to gentle tummy breathing slowly in then slowly out.

Practice Makes Perfect
In Mindfulness

Once you have the rhythm of the breathing, concentrate your mind on the sound of your breath and listen to the sound you are making. Empty your mind of all the thoughts you have and think of nothing except the gentle sound of your breathing, the gentle movement of your tummy and the sights you are seeing with your eyes closed. Try to keep that concentration and just relax and let go, you may even fall asleep. Once you feel in a calm relaxed state let yourself stay in this condition for as long as possible. A good length of time is twenty minutes but you may struggle to keep your mind clear for that long.

If thoughts keep trying to pop in to your mind don't worry just remove them and carry on. Eventually if you keep practising it will become easier and easier and the benefits will be more and more obvious. These are the first steps of free mindfulness for relaxation, they may be tricky to achieve to begin with but the more you practice the easier it becomes. Once you start to practice the technique regularly you will notice how more aware you are of all the things around you especially immediately after finishing the technique. This is a great mind stress buster and an easy way to reboot.

Free Mindfulness
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