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Healthy life tips

For healthy life tips we must not lose sight of how living in our fast paced world and working in a busy environment takes its toll on us as we weave through our busy days. So what’s the best way to make sure we are ready and able to be at our best every day and make sure we feel energised and fighting fit? There have been many fads over the years that are directed at us as an aid to get us through life, energy drinks and high caffeine drinks that boost us with chemicals for short term energy. We have special diets that claim to balance us with nutrients and manage our weight. These quick fixes our not the long term solution and only flirt on the edge of making us feel good.

Is there any truth in the fundamental healthy life tips? Yes. These principles are regarded by health coaches within their life coach training to be the main drivers of how we feel in our everyday lives and they indicate what we should be doing in our lives to stay fit. If we follow the principles it helps us stay healthy and balanced as individuals both physically and mentally. If these principles are focused on life anywhere that is challenging can be managed to stay fit and well as we travel through our circle of life.

The Principles Of  Healthy Life Tips


Hobbies are about doing something that you enjoy and like to do, possibly gardening, dance classes or a book club, most people have something they have an interest in. Again an essential part of a balanced life style as hobbies can reaffirm who we are and what we enjoy.


Without adequate sleep we suffer both physically and mentally. We all have different sleep requirements but it’s suggested a minimum of six hours a night is required.


Eat three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening, three meals a day regardless of size helps the body and mind to balance itself. If possible in the morning eat like a king, in the afternoon eat like a queen, and in the evening eat like a pauper, many of us take our energy creating foods at the end of the day, bigger meals are better closer to the start of the day.

Work Life Balance

Work realistic hours, work-life balance is challenging but essential. Working hours can easily slip into our personal lives, particularly in a working environment were expectations are high. You should really consider if you need to be at work if you have already been there longer than ten hours maximum.

Relaxation Me Time

Me time is essential, it can be anything that you enjoy doing that is relaxing, reading the paper alone on the sofa, or cooking a nice meal, as long as it’s all about me then its good. An excellent way to spend time when time is short is mindfulness, a ten minute session to relax the mind.


Even a little exercise is good. Something that raises the cardiovascular system for a while can have a huge impact on how we feel as pheromones are released from the system. These pheromones travel our system and make us feel invigorated and healthy.

Healthy Life Tips For Mind, Body And Soul.
Feed them all for living healthy.

Healthy Life Tips
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