A mindfulness based
stress reduction technique
to control difficult negative thought processes!

Mindfulness based stress reduction

Mindfulness based stress reduction tips really do help in our daily lives. Sometimes stress can become overwhelming especially if we have multiple drivers that we have to deal with. Times like this can feel tough and anxiety levels can really go into overdrive. There are a number of ways to manage anxiety. One is physical outlet through a form of exercise but sometimes we simply do not have the time or opportunity to take that physical exercise opportunity but are desperate to unwind. I would like to share a mindfulness based stress reduction technique I learnt that made the management of stress easier, especially when time is limited and you need a clear mind.

Deal With One Thing At A Time!

This can make a big impact once you realise you are allowed to. Once you have mastered the skill to a good level and can manage one thing at a time and if you can’t resolve it, it goes in a box - most of the time. This management technique can also help control difficult emotions that have arose form life’s natural path, such as bereavement or loss of a loving relationship. Feelings and emotions can pop out of no where and sometimes it is good to remember and ponder over those kinds of memories and feelings but ultimately for me after you have flirted with them for a while they should go back in their box until the next time, bringing an instant relief that can be used anytime. As with any technique practice is the key.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Theory Explained

Firstly we need to separate all the thoughts into separate issues, think of each driver as a separate chunk of thinking and label it something relevant, such as, if I was having a lot of issues due to my son coming home late every night I would call that issue ' late kids'. Once you have identified each individual driver give them all names:

Late kids
Doctor’s appointment
Mum not being well
Car repairs

Now they have labels visualise placing each individual issue in to its own separate box and close the lid. Although in the future these stresses may pop into your head spontaneously, doing this exercise will allow you to remember that when they do pop up you simply look at that issue and place it firmly in its box and close the lid allowing you to free your mind of it until you choose that it is the right time to deal with it. Mindfulness based stress reduction by controlling the mind is trying to deal with issues at the source which is the best place to start, in order to train the mind to clear you could also try basic free mindfulness instructions here.

A proper stress buster
 Practice - Put it in a box.

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