the importance of physical attraction
and sex appeal in flirting?

The power of physical attraction

Spot Physical Attraction Body Language Signs When Looking To Attract 

Physical attraction is unique to each individual. Beauty, attractiveness and sex appeal are all in the eye of the beholder. So how do we make sure a potential love interest knows we are attracted to them? Body language enhances our sex appeal and is one of the biggest signs of attraction and sexual desire in our communication repertoire, the right body language can be the biggest influence on sexual attraction in any encounter that involves physical attraction. We can use our body and different parts of it to give off signals to others that indicate our thoughts and intentions. If we are aware of them we can make sure we are giving signals in the right way to show we are interested in a flirty opportunity. We have mentioned some body language tips in our general flirting tips, but here we will look at them in more detail. So what are the physical attraction indicators within our body language that make all the difference and enhances our attractiveness and sex appeal.

Physical Attraction In Flirting

Attractive Eye Contact

Eye contact will be the introduction point of many a moments and plays a huge role in the process. When you meet someone you wish to flirt with first make short eye contact, look away and then look back. This affirms to others that you have an interest in them. If, when you look back they are still looking or look back at you, this affirms that they are now also potentially interested in contact.

Hold the second eye contact. Eye contact is a sign of self-confidence, at this point your potential flirt will be gauging how confident you are, confidence can certainly be a turn on so the eye contact impact acts as a key to the encounter. When people look you in the eye they can sense your trustworthy level and how intimate you maybe. Women will often look and then look down this is a sure indication of interest which is easily missed, if they look and look down, now is a good time to walk over and start a conversation.

Or if you are a man you may get the sexy wet eye look, this is often referred to as bedroom eyes and certainly indicates a level of sexual desire. The pupils of the eyes will be dilated and the eyes will look watery, this is a very alluring look and is a sign of physical attraction. Finally one of the more obvious eye techniques is the wink, a wink is an indication of connection and sends out an interest indicator. If you receive a wink, you have received a body language message telling you that you are more than welcome to start a conversation. You can also give a wink, if you do wink, wink only once, more than once starts to look false, but if you do wink it will be an immediate win or lose moment.

Attractive Smiling

A smile is a must. Without it flirting would not happen. It is the human sign of friendship and sets the stage for a great encounter. Smiling is one of the most effective ingredients in your repertoire. It makes you more approachable and attractive. It lights up your face. It truly changes your appearance. Smiling draws people in and makes them feel welcome. People who frown at the world turn people off. A genuine smile says I like you, I accept you, I will not hurt you and yes, I want to meet you.

Studies have shown that when asked who they find most attractive both men and women select pictures of smiling people. It is all about being approachable, the more approachable you are the greater your chances will be of connecting. Men see a woman’s smile as an immediate invitation to approach her without the fear of rejection. Women see a man’s smile as a signal that he wants her to approach him. So smiling has a major impact, it makes you happy, approachable, friendly and importantly of all promotes physical attraction. So keep that smile ready - Just keep smiling.

The Flirty Handshake

So you have eye contact and you are giving your best smile, it could now be time for first contact. The easiest way to make that initial body contact is with a handshake. The secret of the flirty handshake is to make it warm inviting and mysterious. The easiest way to achieve this is the double handed shake. Invite the right hand as in the usual handshake. Once the other person has accepted your handshake invite and you have clasped hands place your other hand over the back of the person's hand you are shaking.

This should be done softly producing a warm gentle clasp, this will give a feeling of high interest in the person's hand you are shaking and again confirm intention. Physical contact should be limited at the initial stages to a brief touch on the shoulder or arm. Touching is a sensitive area. The right to touch someone is generally something that you have to earn, so be cautious you don’t touch unless you feel you have permission. If you feel a touch on the arm or shoulder is achievable try it, it can have a lasting positive affect that takes the moment to the next level and confirm physical attraction.

Body Language

A non-threatening persona is a must. Use open hand palm movements, this gives an open feeling to your communication. Nod in agreement while holding an open body stance facing towards them. If possible try to mirror their posture, this gives off signals that you like them. Have your arms in an open position relaxed at your sides, they should make only smooth natural movements. Avoid crossing your arms or clutching them tightly against your body. This closed position makes others think you aren’t interested in them. Arms in an open position tell others that you would like them to join you. During conversation move your arms easily and slowly away from your body with palms up to indicate agreement or interest in what your partner says or does.

How To Spot Physical Attraction

If a man is finding someone physically attractive they will start to preen themselves, they inherently want to make themselves look good and increase their physical attraction. So once they have noticed someone sexually attractive they will subconsciously start to prepare themselves to look their best. This will involve adjusting their clothing, checking their hair or feeling their face. Women love to play with their hair when they want to flirt. If you see her run her fingers through her hair this is a sure sign that she has sexual attraction to someone and is waiting to make contact with them. We also have the classic head toss, when a woman flings her hair back as she raises her head it is all about getting attention. A woman’s hair is often her most prize possession. So when she tosses it she is interested. A woman’s wrists are a sensual body part, a woman who gently pushes up her sleeve and plays with her watch or bracelet wants you to know that she is attracted so don’t miss the opportunity.

Physical Attraction truly is in the eye of the beholder.


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