the prayer for healing the self
that can change the way you live and deliver
positive inner change

A prayer for healing

My prayer for healing the self that help change my life. When the phrase pray was used through my childhood it was mainly my father who said it. I believe my parents were church of England Christians. However the youngest of three brothers I was never christened in any form. My father often made us recite the Lord’s Prayer at night just before bedtime I presume to instil a feeling of having someone or something greater than ourselves around us. It wasn’t until my mid-forties that I found the true power of prayer for me. As part of my emotional rehabilitation I was a residential patient at an holistic healing centre were I was introduced to healthy life advice that changed the way I look after myself. Whilst staying I was also ferried off by taxi to a local alcohol awareness meeting as part of my rehabilitation, twice a week for a month. I class myself as the lucky alcoholic, although I was abusing alcohol due to circumstance and I knew better, I was a lost soul at the time.

Luckily I had not lost everything and when I say everything I mean everything, dignity, respect, homes, and relationships. Some of the people I was about to meet had lost everything and meeting them changed my life. Whilst attending Alcohol Anonymous I learnt so many things concerning human relations and behaviours. What really struck me was that most were caring considerate warm human beings you would want as your friends. However the biggest discovery I made was: The power of the prayer for healing the self.

My prayer for healing The Self

I feel what I say - I say what I Feel
I stay true to myself - I treat others with compassion
I have a choice - I have the courage to change what needs to
I have the serenity to accept what I cannot change - Celebrate life
I choose to be useful not harmful - I care for those around me
I accept what has been - I accept what will come
I accept what I am - I accept what I have
Deal with the now - I am happy
Enjoy the now - Choose to live your life
I accept what I am not
This is my life.

choose to be useful not harmful.

The harmful aspect of the prayer is based on understanding the ability to be harmful in human relationships. It is so easy to become a toxic force without even knowing. When you start to treat yourself and others with compassion and talk with your feelings it becomes very liberating. I developed my prayer for the self slowly, adding to it as I understood different aspects that I wanted to work on to become a better person. The very first saying that started the development of the prayer was probably the key that I needed to turn to chang: I say what I feel and feel what I say!

The power of the prayer for healing the self is a hidden one. The recital of the payer leads to understanding that you have a higher self that can take control, making decisions over and above the lesser self that craves the destructive distractions of life. Once you understand this you gain the self-control required to make the changes you want leading to this way of life you want.

prayer for healing the self
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